Future Now

Future Now is a series that explores how the metaverse is changing human behavior and what this could mean for business & industry.

Is Disney Making a Metaverse

Is Disney Making a Metaverse?

Disney is currently developing a metaverse platform that will allow people from all over the globe to interact in new ways through technology such as VR headsets or AR glasses. Recently approved “virtual-world simulator” patent details just how they envision this metaverse platform will work. The patent details how the simulator will allow users to […]

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Who Will Make the Hardware to Enter the Metaverse

Who Will Make the Hardware to Enter the Metaverse? 5 Tech Companies Engineering the Future Now.

As the past few years showed, staying connected to those we love is essential for a healthy society. Even if we couldn’t be together physically, social media and apps like FaceTime and Zoom helped keep us connected. Well sort of–as good as these platforms are it’s still a two-dimensional experience. The promise of the metaverse […]

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Fashion in the Metaverse

Fashion in the Metaverse: Top Brands Go Digital.

There is no doubt that the world’s population is spending more time online. From classes to concerts and meetings, 2021 really showed us what the web is capable of, shifting the perspective of many industries. The promise of the next internet, the metaverse, will only pull us further into an immersive digital world. One thing […]

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Dating in the metaverse

Dating in the Metaverse: How Relationships in the Virtual World is About to Change.

It might be hard to imagine or remember, but there was once a time when going on an online date with someone you met through social media was considered, strange. Yet it’s crazy how far we’ve come since then–now people think nothing of exchanging numbers and chatting away until finally setting off over dinner together […]

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Education in the Metaverse

Is the Future of Education in the Metaverse?

Covid-19 changed many things about our lives, including the educational system through which our young ones participate. It also opened the door to the possibilities in remote education and some of the drawbacks as well. The metaverse would facilitate such remote learning possibilities and it would do so in a completely immersive environment. Kids would […]

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Metaverse Real Estate

Metaverse Real Estate: The Trillion Dollar Industry.

Two of the biggest movers and shakers in the real estate world globally – brothers Tal and Oren Alexander – recently decided to partner with a metaverse company called Republic Realm to develop digital property across 19 “worlds” in Sandbox. And they paid $4.3 million (US) for the privilege. Think about that for second. Two […]

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Gambling Industry in the Metaverse

The Future of the Gambling Industry in the Metaverse  

The metaverse promises to totally transform our world from top to bottom in ways most of us can’t imagine right now. And while some people hee-haw about the more “out there” claims of what the metaverse will eventually be capable of, the gambling industry is paying close attention. And they aren’t laughing. No, instead they […]

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Politics in the Metaverse

Politics in the Metaverse: Democracy Collides with Emerging Technology.

Today, it seems as if everything is politicized and the landscape won’t change too much. Any new technology, especially something as life-altering as the metaverse, is going to require some level of regulation and/or political intervention. The inception of a complete and fully-functioning metaverse would alter the political landscape so completely that it’s likely you […]

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Metaverse Museums

Metaverse Museums: Immersive Display of Human Innovations Coming Soon.

It’s easy to speculate on the translation of real-world, physical items into digital assets or property, as it pertains to the metaverse. But, how exactly would metaverse museums work? The metaverse could have museums that are similar to what we know now, but with more interactive displays and ways for visitors from all over the […]

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Music industry in the Metaverse

The Future of the Music Industry in the Metaverse

The music industry is every bit as primed for a theoretical metaverse as the internet is gearing up towards taking the next, big step. But there’s more to jumping on the bandwagon and monetizing their songs. The music industry is primed because there are so many ways to create content, venues, scenarios that can be […]

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