Dating in the Metaverse: How Relationships in the Virtual World is About to Change.

It might be hard to imagine or remember, but there was once a time when going on an online date with someone you met through social media was considered, strange.

Yet it’s crazy how far we’ve come since then–now people think nothing of exchanging numbers and chatting away until finally setting off over dinner together without even knowing each others names.

Feeling sure enough about themselves after just one conversation that things will work out well between the two strangers meeting through digital means.

Dating in the Metaverse

Despite all the naysayers, online dating has become an integral and necessary aspect of modern-day life. The ease at which one can connect with others through dating apps or other social media sites is often the factor that leads us into finding romance.

For whatever reason be it shy, nervous, or just always busy–finding romance online has positively changed so many lives. So how does online dating evolve from sending a wink emoji or swiping right? Dating in the metaverse is how.

The potential of the metaverse as a dating platform is truly endless. Imagine in the very near future a metaverse just dedicated to finding romance. A full ecosystem totally revolving around meeting new people, going out on dates, getting married, maybe even getting divorced! Seems like a far fetched idea right? But so did sending a wink just a decade ago.

So, what does dating and relationships look like in a metaverse, and what does it mean for making connections in the future? Let’s take a quick look.

Where to Date in the Metaverse

Single Town by Match Group

Standing side-by-side with the big metaverse creators are the CEOs of many popular dating apps such as Tinder,, and Bumble. These companies are working hard on new tech to futurize the way single people can meet and build a relationship without even leaving their homes.

Dating in the metaverse with Single Town
Match group is jumping into dating in the metaverse with their Tinder feature Single Town.

Match Groups metaverse dating feature called Single Town has begun testing on college campuses across Seoul, South Korea. This is a brand new virtual reality dating experience that lets users represented by their avatars, move around and engage with others by audio in various virtual locations. Users who express mutual interest in each other will then be able to connect privately as well.

According to Match Group, Single Town is still in its early stages and is currently being tested, but could provide “a very different dating app experience” for its users when it becomes a standalone app.

“This new experience provides a glimpse into how metaverse experiences could be applicable to dating and it is the sort of innovation that will help us evolve our portfolio as we enter the next phase of dating,”

Match Group

Bumble BFF

Dating and friendship app Bumble is also exploring ways to integrate into the metaverse. The project aims to upgrade its soon-to-launch Bumble BFF platform using Web 3.0 features.

Bumble’s app is probably best known for its focus on allowing women to make the first move when searching for potential romantic partners, but it also has modes for finding platonic friends (Bumble BFF) and business networking opportunities (Bumble Bizz). 

Dating in the metaverse with Bumble BFF
Bumble recently announced that it will join the metaverse with its upcoming Bumble BFF app.

In the near future, users will be able to meet and interact with others in a virtual metaverse. Future interactions might include trading assets or revealing one’s identity digitally on new platforms for meeting people who share interests as you do.

The company is just starting its exploration of the metaverse by weighing how it fits into the next version of Bumble BFF.

There is a multitude of ideas being thrown around in this new virtual reality way of dating and forming relationships. How we date and maintain relationships in just a few short years will look very different. Dating in the metaverse will almost certainly lead this change in how we meet new people.

Advantages of Metaverse Dating

There are many benefits to moving the dating phase of relationships to a virtual reality platform. Here is just a few of them for you to consider.


Having the ability to connect with someone whether they live across town or across the country in the same timeframe is a huge advantage to metaverse dating. In a world where time is never on our side, having the ability to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any given time, can make finding a partner much easier for many busy people.


This form of advanced technology dating can also save you a few bucks while you are still feeling things out. A virtual visit to the zoo is definitely going to cost you a lot less than hanging out in the real location, even if it’s just saving on gas and food.


In a world full of stress and anxiety, it is fantastic for some to have an easy option for meeting new people where the pressure isn’t so high.

Virtual reality dating can be a great way for those with social anxiety or other fears of in-person meet-ups, get out in the world.  


There isn’t a safer way to meet new people, than by doing it through a metaverse. People have the chance to build a relationship with someone before meeting them face-to-face.

Concerns of Metaverse Dating

Although this concept may seem pretty amazing to a lot of people. There is still a large number who feel this is not the way people should interact with others, especially when building a new relationship. 

There is a lot that comes from physical contact and an intimate connection that can not be recreated in a virtual world, which can cause serious issues for socialization and building strong bonds in the future.

Final Thoughts

Metaverse dating is an extremely new concept that has barely even entered its trial phases. Will it change the way we find love for the good or bad? Only time can tell.



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