Barbados becomes the first sovereign nation to establish an embassy in the Metaverse.

The Caribbean nation is working with the help of multiple metaverse companies to establish digital sovereign land.

In what could be seen as historic step toward the legitimization of a metaverse, Barbados is preparing to legally declare digital real estate as sovereign land with the establishment of a metaverse embassy.

The various projects will be assisting with identifying and purchasing land, architecting the virtual embassies and consulates. They’ll also develop facilities to provide services such as “e-visas” or construct a teleporter that can transport avatars between worlds for all users.

Barbados is Becoming the Metaverse Trend Setter

In a digitalized world where COVID-19 has caused major lockdowns, companies are increasingly recognizing and embracing the functionality in remote work forces.

The Barbados government is embracing the opportunities and job potential the Metaverse brings, and is working hard to make it an early success in their country.


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