Gemini Raises $400 Million In Funding To Help It Build In The Metaverse

The Winklevoss twins, who founded a crypto platform with $400 million in funding from investors this week have announced that they plan on building an metaverse experience similar to Mark Zuckerberg’s.

The Winklevoss twins are about to take crypto exchange Gemini into the metaverse after completing a multimillion-dollar funding round.

Gemini, a New York-based cryptocurrency exchange announced Wednesday it had raised $400 million in new growth equity funding. The investment came from Morgan Creek Digital with participation by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and others; this means that Gemini is now worth 7 billion dollars.

The Winklevoss brothers have revealed their plans for Gemini’s metaverse and how they are taking a different path to Facebook.

“There’s these two parallel paths, in terms of technology right now,” “There’s a centralized path, like Facebook or Fortnite, that is one step away from being a metaverse, and that’s totally fine.”

Cameron Winklevoss speaking to Forbes.

The metaverse is set to become another dueling arena for Facebook and the Winklevosses, who fought over ownership of Facebook–what they say was their original idea.

Gemini has bought a plot of virtual land where it wants to create several locations for its operations, Tyler Winklevoss told Forbes.

“Instead of building brick-and-mortar bank branches in meatspace, we’re gonna build a Gemini experience in different metaverses, where you can go into Gemini and trade, but it would be immersive instead of on your phone,” he said.

Gemini has also bought stakes in metaverse platforms like Somnium Space and The Sandbox.



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