Joe Rogan Experiences the Metaverse

Joe Rogan, the host of the popular podcast show The Joe Rogan Experience sat down with comedian Brian Redban recently to discuss a myriad of topics. One of the topics up for discussion was the metaverse.

As it turns out, Brian Redban is heavily involved in this virtual world even going as far as hosting comedy shows in VRChat. During the conversation, Brian goes into detail about his interactions in the metaverse, what his avatar looks like(Wendy from the fast food burger chain) and how he streams what level he’s on. Rogan seems throughly impressed.

So this is what the future looks like, this is the beginning.

Joe Rogan on the metaverse

Redban goes on to explain how the metaverse is creating whole new career opportunities for people such as creating custom avatars. Rogan’s facial expressions says it all.

Ready Player One is going to be a documentary

Joe Rogan on the metaverse

Here is that metaverse discussion on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Previous Metaverse Conversation with Tim Dillon

Joe Rogan hosted a previous podcast with comedian Tim Dillon, who discussed virtual cities and virtual real estate. Dillon asked Rogan “Do you own any digital real estate” in which Joe seems throughly perplexed. Rogan’s response was simple “what?…” Dillon continued to sell the idea of the metaverse to Rogan.

Podcast Introduces 200 Million People to the Metaverse

The Joe Rogan Experience sits at No. 1 on Spotify’s top podcast charts and reaches 200 million people monthly. As more people learn about the metaverse through podcasts such as Rogan’s, we can expect to see an increase in conversations about it.

These discussions will only further its exposure and make this exciting new technology even more accessible for everyone.



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